Accessible parking

The University has a Sustainable Transport Strategy and encourages members of staff to walk, cycle or use public transport to get to work.  Find out more about the support we provide to encourage people to walk, cycle, use bus and train to get to work on our Travel page.

Blue badge holders have an automatic entitlement to a parking space as close to the accessible entrance to the building as possible. We try to ensure there are at least two accessible parking spaces per building,  but this is not always possible.   We expect members of staff to apply for a blue badge is they are likely to be eligible.  Please note that there may be some access restrictions e.g. the underground Gloucester Green car park does not have lift access.

People who have a temporary mobility impairment for medical reasons, for example if recovering from surgery, may be able to use one of their department’s operational spaces for up to three months.

Staff with other disabilities or medical conditions are given a high priority for getting permits, but these are simply a licence to hunt for a space, not a guaranteed space.

People with a mobility impairment who are not eligible for a blue badge may request special arrangements if they are experiencing difficulties.  Please contact the Staff Disability Advisor for further information. 

For further information about travel, including maps see our Travel & Transport webpage.

If you are unable to use public transport or drive yourself because of a disability, funding may be available for help with Travel to Work through the  Access to Work (ATW) scheme. They may pay for

  • Travel to Work: regular taxis between home and work;
  • occasional taxis, for example during a flare-up of the individual's condition, or during bad weather;
  • mobility training e.g. to help a member of staff with a visual impairment learn to use local buses;
  • disability-related needs for Travel in Work, such as travel to conferences.  Where an individual is unable to travel on their own for a disability-related reason, ATW may pay for a support worker to accompany them.

For further information see our funding webpage.

For information on building accessibility, including photographs, to help you plan ahead visit the Access guide website

If you have difficulty travelling during busy periods, you may wish to request a change to your working pattern to enable you to start earlier or later.  This may be agreed subject to operational requirements.