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This online course is strongly recommended for all University staff. It introduces you to what equality and diversity mean and why they are important both to the University and to you as an individual. It provides an overview of the legislation, your rights and responsibilities, and guidelines for ensuring that equality and diversity are embedded in your work.

You will need your single sign on credentials to access the training.

Link to online course: Equality and Diversity Briefing


Implicit bias in the workplace: online course

This online course introduces the topic of implicit bias and its origins, considers how it might manifest itself in our behaviour, and provides practical tips and reflections to help you reduce the risk of bias in your own work.

You will need your single sign on credentials to access the training - Implicit Bias in the Workplace

Implicit bias workshop

This two-hour workshop will give an overview of the origins of implicit bias, consider how implicit biases might play out at the University of Oxford, and includes a discussion about practical steps that individuals and teams can take to reduce the influence of implicit bias on their decisions and actions.

To request a workshop please contact your divisional co-ordinator:


New online resource: Tackling race bias at work

There is considerable evidence that racial bias and discrimination continue to impact negatively on the working lives of people from a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) background across the UK. Developed in partnership with Professor Binna Kandola, Senior Partner and co-founder of leading business psychology consultancy Pearn Kandola, this course takes a bold look at the nature of ‘modern racism’ and its influence in the workplace. It will offer staff the opportunity to better understand racism in the workplace and make key changes to tackle racism and race bias. 

You will need your single sign on credentials to access the training - Tackling Race bias at work

Race Awareness Workshop

This two-hour workshop will introduce some of the issues related to advancing race equality, establish a terminology that we can use to talk about race, and support participants to think of practical steps that individuals and teams can take to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. To request a workshop please contact 

LGBT+ Role Models Workshop and Role Model mentoring

This workshop provides LGBT+ staff an opportunity, in a safe and supportive space, to explore what it means to be an LGBT+ role model, to identify potential barriers and ways to overcome them. Further mentoring training is available to those who have attended the Role Model workshop.  If you are interested in receiving informal mentoring from a Role Model please click on the below link and scroll through the profiles to find which Role Models offer mentoring. 

Meet our LGBT+ Role Models  

To attend a Role Model Workshop please email:

LGBT+ Allies Workshop 

This workshop aims to give non-LGBT+ staff an opportunity to explore what it means to be an ally, time to ask questions and practical advice on how they can be an effective ally. If you are interested in attending the workshop and becoming an Ally, please email:

Meet our LGBT+ Allies

To attend an Allies Workshop please email:

Applications for the next Pivot cohort will be open in Michaelmas 2020.                                                            

Pivot is a mentoring scheme for any member of staff at the University (including College employees) who identifies as Black and Minority Ethnic (BME). Mentees should be Grade 6 or above and identify as BME. They are supported by a more senior mentor (Grade 8 or above) who may or may not be BME. For more information:

For more information about other mentoring, coaching or career development opportunities at the University, please visit the Professional and Organisational Development website:

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Challenging Behaviour: Dealing with bullying and harassment in the workplace

An online training course designed to give you a better understanding of:

  • The legal and moral responsibilities of all staff
  • The knowledge and skills necessary to work successfully as part of a diverse team
  • Why certain behaviours are inappropriate
  • The damage caused by bullying and harassment
  • How to respond to inappropriate behaviour
  • The tools to recognise and put a stop to bullying and harassment

Using your single sign-on credentials, download the course.

Little things matter: The Impact of micro-behaviours in the workplace

Three short videos that explore micro-behaviours and micro-inequities and the important part they play in our working relationships, and in addressing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Using your single sign-on credentials, view the videos.

Responsible Bystander 

Bystander intervention is a vital component in tackling bullying and harassment, as we all have a part to play in creating our workplace culture.  Through our everyday interactions we are challenging or enforcing social norms, we are leading by example and role modelling behaviour.   The Responsible Bystander workshop aims to empower you with the confidence and tools to challenges problematic behaviour in a safe, respectful and productive way before it escalates to bullying and harassment.  

If you would like to organise this training for your department or faculty, please contact

Harassment Advisor Training

The following training is offered to Harassment Advisors:

  • Induction (refresher) training - Required 
  • Assertiveness skills training

  • Developing listening and counselling skills

A termly training schedule is emailed to Advisors, if you would like to become an Advisor email:

This online course provided by central HR is for chairs and members of recruitment panels.  The course covers the role of Chair, the legal framework and the recruitment procedure. There are no tests, but you will be asked in some places to reflect on how you would respond in certain situations.

Link to Recruitment and Selection Course

The UK has one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse workforces in Europe and our workplaces are increasingly likely to be a mosaic of races, religions, lifestyles and cultures. Being aware and respectful of other cultures is an essential part of living and working in the UK today.

Our cultural background exerts a powerful influence on how we interpret and interact with the world around us. As well as influencing our own behaviour, it also dictates how we interpret the behaviour of other people.

Problems can arise when we use the rules of our own culture to interpret the behaviour of people from another, and can lead us to the wrong conclusions. This course looks at the problems caused by cultural stereotyping and misunderstandings, the benefits of diversity and the importance of treating everyone with respect.

You will need your single sign on credentials to access the training: Cultural awareness in the workplace