Impact of micro-behaviours in the workplace

Four short videos that explore micro-behaviours and micro-inequities and the important part they play in our working relationships, and in addressing diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The videos illustrate the impact of unconscious bias on organisational dynamics and individual performance, with realistic workplace scenarios and expert analysis. They will help you to:

  • Understand the impact of unconscious bias on day-to-day workplace interactions and the effect these may have on others;
  • Self-regulate your behaviour to avoid negative impacts and foster positive interactions. 

Click on all four links below to watch the videos: 

  1. Event planning meeting, drama & analysis (MP4 video)
  2. Impact of micro- behaviours, event set-up (MP4 video)
  3. Impact of micro- behaviours, training session (MP4 video)
  4. The impact of Micro-behaviours in the workplace (MP4 video)