Anti-Racism Ally Network

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Our Mission


To create a supportive community and culture to tackle systemic racism at the University of Oxford.



  1. Proactively raise awareness of race equality and how bias affects racially minoritised groups in the UK
  2. Support and amplify the voices of racially minoritised staff
  3. Develop and maintain relationships with other equality-related staff networks


Open to all staff at the University of Oxford and Oxford colleges who are interested in learning more about and supporting anti-racism work at Oxford.


Four steps to becoming an Ally:

  • Use your privilege to amplify supressed voices.
  • Support the demands of the BMESN and other anti-racism groups.
  • Listen to what your BAME friends and colleagues are saying.
  • Join us on the Anti-Racism Ally Network. The Anti-Racism Ally Network was formed by a group of voluntary members from the BME Staff Network in the summer of 2020. It aims to create a supportive community to tackle systemic racism at the University of Oxford. You will receive the network newsletter which will contain suggestions of readings/videos/podcasts, tips on how to be an ally, be invited to relevant events  and contribute to create a supportive community of allies. 

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Anti-Racism Ally Network Newsletter

Our newsletter contains information about events, recommended reading and possible actions that you might take. The views expressed in the newsletter are those of the contributors.

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