A Researcher's perspective

I wanted to be involved with the Task Force because I want to see Oxford become an anti-racist University and become welcoming and inclusive to all its members. As one of the many research staff who work within this University I have seen and heard the impact that racism and microaggressions have had on the staff working here who are racialised as Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME). I see the lack of diversity across our academic staff, and I know the struggles my fellow Black Asian and Minority Ethnic research staff face in trying to make it as academics. I want Oxford University to be an institution that fosters and supports its BAME and white researchers equally, and I want to see more diversity in its staff, at all levels, across Oxford University. We, as an institution, want to be the best in the world at research. I believe that the best research is done in environments which are diverse, welcoming, and inclusive to all the researchers working in them. With diversity in background, we gain diversity in thought, and this is where truly exciting work is born.

The Task Force has made many recommendations focussed on improving staff diversity and the environments in which our staff work. I think the recommendations we are making to change the recruitment processes, to improve mentoring and sponsorship schemes, to provide training courses, and strengthen our staff networks will greatly improve the experiences of BAME research staff. I strongly urge my fellow research staff to read the consultation document and to add their thoughts to our suggestions - we can change things for the better.

I have learnt so much working on the Task Force and I am truly hopeful that the recommendations we are making can lead to meaningful changes across all areas of the University.

Take part in the Race Equality Task Force consultation 

All staff and students can contribute to the Race Equality Task Force consultation, giving you the chance to feedback on proposed measures for tackling the under-representation of racial minorities at Oxford.  You can either give your views on the overall priorities (which only takes a few minutes); or complete the full survey to provide more detailed input. You have until 1 December to take part.

The views in this blog are those of the individual and do not represent the unanimous view of all members of the Race Equality Task Force.