Why every student should take part in the race equality consultation

It has been a privilege to have been part of the Race Equality Task Force for a few months now. The work of the Task Force is so important to not only bring the topic of diversity and inclusion within the University to the table, but to also consider the practical steps that can be made in order to achieve sustainable change.

What excites me about the work of the Task Force is that everyone's voice counts. From those on the Task Force to more importantly students and staff at the University. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that your voice is heard and have your say via the online consultation.

The Task Force has made recommendations such as increasing funding for Black Academic Futures and other scholarships, to providing physical and virtual spaces for student societies to meet and operate. These are simple yet vital steps to making sure that the University of Oxford can be a place where all are proud to call their home. 

Change for all is only effective when it represents the voices of all. My hope is with the massive steps the Task Force has made so far by creating a comprehensive strategy of actions, that the Oxford we see in 10 years’ time will be a vibrant, diverse and safe space for students and staff alike; to grow and thrive regardless of background, ethnicity, gender or race. 

Chimdi Okpalauko is a 2nd year Theology and Religion student at Pembroke College and Vice-President of the Oxford African Caribbean Society (ACS). She also represents Oxford students as a member of the University’s Race Equality Task Force.

Take part in the Race Equality Task Force consultation 

All staff and students can contribute to the Race Equality Task Force consultation, giving you the chance to feedback on proposed measures for tackling the under-representation of racial minorities at Oxford.  You can either give your views on the overall priorities (which only takes a few minutes); or complete the full survey to provide more detailed input. You have until 1 December to take part.

The views in this blog are those of the individual and do not represent the unanimous view of all members of the Race Equality Task Force.