EDI Hub Bulletin: Introducing the Sabbatical Officer team 2022

An image of six people standing in a row in front of the Bodlean Library in Oxford. They are new the Sabbatical Officers 2022

(From left-right) Anna-Tina (VP Charities and Communities), Grace (VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities) Ellie (VP Women), Jade (VP Access and Academic Affairs), Shreya (VP Graduates) and Michael (President).   

Every year University of Oxford Students elect students to represent them to the University in various committees, working groups and projects. These elected officers also known as Sabbatical Officers, take a break from their studies, to do this paid full-time role. They have their own priorities, projects and run their own events among many other activities to support and represent students at the University to the best of their ability.   

Below is an introduction from your incoming Sabbatical officers and their EDI associated priorities for the academic year ahead:   

Anna-Tina Jashapara, Vice President for Charities and Community   


“Hi, I’m Anna-Tina Jashapara, the new VP for Charities and Community at Oxford’s Student Union. I’ve come to this position having just finished studying my BA in Geography, where for my dissertation I researched the persistence of colonial logics in sections on international development in GSCE Geography curricula. From this background, I became very interested in what decolonisation means and what it could look like for my discipline. As well as this research, during my time studying here, I’ve been campaigning with Oxford Climate Justice Campaign, where we have sought to campaign in a way which recognises the disproportionate impacts climate change, and fossil fuel extraction, has on different communities as well as the varying levels of responsibility for this crisis. From a climate justice perspective, Oxford University has a responsibility to do all that it can to prevent climate change due to the way climate impacts play out along colonial lines. It is from this background that I hope to support the University in being as ambitious as possible in sustainability, and I also hope to learn about, promote, and support efforts to decolonise Oxford University’s curricula. Since both decolonisation of curricula and sustainability commitments were central to my manifesto, I'm confident they are issues students care passionately about.”  

Grace Olusola, Vice President Welfare and Equal Opportunities   


'Hello hello! My name is Grace Olusola and I am the new Vice President of Welfare and Equal Opportunities of the Oxford Student Union. I have just graduated from St Catz with an undergraduate degree in History and English, and it is true privilege to have been elected. My first few months in post have taught me just how valuable student representation is in university staff spaces, and that I cannot underestimate the number of people working so hard behind the scenes (that I had little knowledge of as a student!).   

This year, I am particularly interested in inclusive learning and supporting students with chronic illnesses and disabilities in their studies, as well designing welfare training for student society committee members and developing the SU’s race equality training. I also staunchly believe in the power of creativity in fostering community and wellbeing, and am planning a university-wide arts week, which will not only platform student societies and emerging student creatives, but develop a more central artistic network.    

I’m always happy to talk about EDI developments within the university – please feel free to contact me at vpweo@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk!'  

Shreya Dua, Vice President for Graduates   


I'm Shreya, the V.P for Graduates at the Oxford Student Union. I am pursuing my MPhil in Ancient History with the Department of Classics and am affiliated with Somerville college. My work in ancient history focuses on gender and performance in ancient Greece, and over the years I have continuously engaged with queer theory. Therefore, LGBTQ+ issues become an important part of my agenda, ranging from the pride flag to gender neutral washroom. However, since much of my remit focuses on academic issues access, and funding opportunities for different groups of students becomes pivotal.   

Being immersed in the arts all my life has not only taught me empathy and vulnerability but it has often reminded me that the greatest change begins in the mind of creativity and in the realm of us students. In keeping that hope of a better world EDI issues remain a part of my worldview. Don't hesitate to contact me for anything and everything at vpgraduates@Oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk.  

Jade Calder, Vice President for Access and Academic Affairs   


Hello, I am Jade, the new Vice President for Access & Academic Affairs at the SU. I recently graduated from a BA History degree at Wadham, and during my studies I was involved with the LGBTQ+ Society and SU Campaign as a Class Rep, and the vice president of the Mixed Heritage Society. My main role, however, was as co-chair of the Class Act campaign which advocates and provides a community for less socio-economically advantaged students at the university. What particularly guided my activism was the idea that it is important to consider the intersection of class with gender, race and sexuality and how that impacts lived experiences on both a day-to-day and macro, structural level.   

This also influences in my current role; I take the word ‘access’ to not only mean support when applying to university, but the aim of making Oxford an institution and community which actively supports students from underrepresented and less privileged backgrounds once they are here. Looking to the year ahead, I aim to further the consideration that students can face a multitude of hurdles which stand between them and achieving their academic ability whilst being able to flourish socially. The current cost of living crisis is one such example of an issue where some students will be disproportionately affected, and there needs to be a response from the university and colleges which is empathetic and substantial.  

I look forward to getting to grips with the role over the coming months!  

Ellie Greaves, Vice President Women  


Hi everyone! I’m Ellie, this year’s VP for Women at the Student Union. My role is what you get on the tin. I try and tackle issues that adversely affect women across the university.  

I’m also chair of the SU Trustee Board. I’ve just finished my BA in History at Oriel College. Previously, I’ve been JCR Women’s Officer and Vice Captain of Oriel Boat Club. My aims for the year include launching an SU campaign for night safety across Oxford, opening up the conversation around sex and pleasure, and ensuring parity of provision of welfare and period products across the university. This term specifically, I’m putting on a Women and Non-binary club night at the beginning of 3rd week, releasing a series of talks around contraception and engaging common room representatives through our ‘repcoms’. I’ll be working with the SU campaigns, predominantly It Happens Here and WomCam, as well as new initiatives like the Oxford Period, to see how we can best support students as a collective. A huge part of my role is working alongside Oxford University Sport to make exercise at Oxford as inclusive and fun as possible. As part of the sabbatical team as a whole, our Meet the SU events and common room policy days are something students can look forward to! 

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