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Legal context and advice for employers

For a helpful summary of the UK legal position on discrimination towards employees due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender reassignment, see this CIPD guidance, which also includes recommendations on promoting LGBT+ inclusion at work.

Best practice guidance

For practical, evidence-based guidance on promoting LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace, see the CIPD report Inclusion at Work: Perspectives on LGBT+ working lives

Advance HE have published guidance related to advancing LGB equality for staff and students in higher education. This includes the legislative framework; how to identify and address homophobic behaviour; and methods of developing and sustaining peer support mechanisms for staff and students.

In depth

LGBT+ experiences in Higher Education

Stonewall’s LGBT in Britain – University report explores the nature and extent of discrimination faced by LGBT+ students.

The LGBT in Britain – work report explores the nature of discrimination experienced by LGBT+ employees and the effect that this has.

The experience of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual staff in Higher Education is a short research report from the Equality Challenge Unit based on qualitative data from staff working in Science, Engineering and Technology who identify as lesbian, gay or bisexual.

LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace

LGBT+ at Work: A podcast mini-series (with transcript) focusing on the experience of LGBT+ professionals, the challenges they’ve faced and the role they believe HR can play in developing inclusive workplaces.

LGBTI+: pride and support at work: Acas podcast (with transcript) focusing on the importance of organisations supporting their LGBTI+ communities and what practical steps they can take to become a more diverse and inclusive workplace.


Information and resources for BAME and POC LGBT+ communities

Information and resources for disabled LGBT+ people and LGBT+ people with accessibility needs

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