Support available to staff

Equality and Diversity Unit

The Equality and Diversity Unit provides:

  • General advice and support on EDI legislation and policy, strategy development, equality analysis and positive action.
  • Specialist advice for disabled staff and their managers, and on disability and access issues.

The team will be expanding during 2022/23, with new posts related to race equality, harassment prevention, and communications and engagement.

Divisional and departmental contacts

Every academic division has an EDI co-ordinator or facilitator, an EDI academic lead and an EDI committee or panel that meets regularly, as do many departments. Check your department’s website to find out about their EDI work. Your first port of call for EDI advice would normally be your department’s EDI officer or academic lead, but if you’re in a smaller department, or have a more complex query, you can consult your divisional EDI co-ordinator:

  • Social Sciences Division (SSD) – Catherine Goodwin
  • Medical Sciences Division (MSD) – Katherine Corr
  • Maths, Physical and Life Sciences Division (MPLS) – Daisy Hung
  • Humanities Division – Isabelle Pitt

Each Division has collated relevant EDI resources on their websites – see links below.



Medical Sciences

Social Sciences (Sharepoint site - need to use Single Sign-On to access)

Harassment support

If you or someone you work with has experienced bullying or harassment you can get confidential advice and support from a harassment advisor. Their names and contact details should be on noticeboards and the intranet in your department. You can speak to an advisor outside your department by emailing

For more details about what to do if you experience or witness bullying and harassment, see the harassment section of the EDU website.

Other sources of support

HR Business Partners can advise on harassment cases – check the contacts list to find your local HR Business Partner.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning provides advice and resources on inclusive teaching and curriculum.

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