Welfare and wellbeing

In brief

We have compiled a list of useful welfare resources at the University for all staff and students including those who identify as Black and Minority Ethnic. In summary you can find: 

  • Student welfare and support services, including counselling, peer support, college support and more;
  • Staff welfare and wellbeing resources, including occupational health services, support for BME, disabled and LGBT+ staff and more;
  • Accessing support and advice on harassment, conflict and responsible bystander intervention.

The BME Staff Network is open to all University of Oxford staff who identify as Black and Minority Ethnic. The group has an email list that acts a confidential discussion forum, and holds various meetings and events throughout the year, both social and work-related.

The Network’s aims are to help the University identify areas where BME staff representation could be increased, and to offer support to and enable professional success among BME staff at all levels.

Contact us

Contact equality@admin.ox.ac.uk

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