Equality and Diversity Panel

The Panel covers staff and students and embraces all protected groups (except disability in relation to students). It is chaired by the Advocate for Equality and Diversity and attended by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education. The Panel meets termly and reports to both Personnel and Education Committees.

E&D Panel membership list as of July 2019
Dr Rebecca Surender Advocate for Equality and Diversity Chair
Professor Martin Williams Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education Ex officio (from HT17)


Ex officio
Dr Jane Garnett History Faculty and Wadham College Representing Humanities
Professor Victoria Murphy Education  Representing Social Sciences
Vacant Vacant Representing Medical Sciences
Professor Helen Byrne Mathematical Institute and Keble College Representing MPLS
Lucy Shaw Oxford University Museums Partnership Manager Representing GLAM
Carole Souter Master of St Cross College Representing Heads of House
Lucinda Rumsey English and Senior Tutor at Mansfield College Representing colleges
Mel Parrott Domestic Bursar, Kellogg College Representing colleges
  Oxford SU Vice-President (Women) Representing Oxford SU

Oxford SU Vice-President (Welfare and Equal Opportunities)

Representing Oxford SU
Gillian Hamnett Director of Student Welfare and Support Services Representing Student Welfare and Support Services
Julian Duxfield Director of Human Resources Representing University HR
Rachel Dearlove Education Policy Support Representing Education Policy
Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell Department of Astrophysics and Mansfield College Co-opted member
Secretary: Head of the Equality and Diversity Unit
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