LGBT+ Staff Network

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The LGBT+ Staff Network welcomes all Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans + Oxford University staff, including OUP and the colleges. Post-graduate students are also welcome to join. The + represents minority gender identities and sexual orientations not included explicitly in the acronym LGBT. The network is inclusive of people with multiple identities, and work collaboratively with the Disabled Staff and BME Staff Networks. 

The LGBT+ Staff Network is formally represented by the LGBT+ Advisory Group. The Network nominates and elects its members to the Advisory Group. 

The Network has a mail list that is used by the LGBT+ Advisory Group to keep Network members up to date on relevant events, opportunities and changes to University policies. The Network also has a Teams Channel for more interactive conversations and updates. The Network holds various meetings throughout the year, both social and work-related. Membership of the list will be kept confidential.

The network also has a page to collect and share community stories, which you can view here.

Social events 

To receive up to date information on events please ensure you join the Staff Network.  Here are a few of the more regular events:  

If you fancy a drink after work then join us for 1st Thursday at the Jolly Farmers, the first Thursday of every month from 6 pm. This is an opportunity to meet new people or catch up with friends in a relaxed friendly atmosphere.  1st Thursday is very informal, you don’t need to confirm whether you’ll be coming or not as we won’t be booking a table. We will have a rainbow flag on the table to help people find us. 

The third Sunday evening of each month.  The organisation rotates among members and the event is normally well-attended in various economical restaurants in Oxford.  Information and how to book is circulated on the mailing list a week or two in advance.

Monday's fortnightly, date time and venue circulated on the mailing list a week or two in advance.