Your feedback in action

In April-May 2023, 8,890 people (58% of University employed staff) shared their experience of working at the University of Oxford through the Staff Experience Survey. The feedback has been extensively reviewed and has informed action plans to improve the staff experience at institutional, divisional and departmental level and continues to be informative as new projects are developed. 

Priority areas for improvement were identified as:  

  • Pay & benefits;
  • Wellbeing & workload – eg, tackling workload concerns and improving support for wellbeing and workload;
  • Employee voice, leadership and aspects of inclusion – eg, fostering inclusive opportunities to give input, be heard and contribute to decision-making;
  • Professional and career development – eg, improving the quality of and opportunity for conversations about career development and improving the awareness of the availability of learning and development opportunities; and
  • Belief in action – demonstrating action as a result of feedback.
Read updates from some of the projects underway to address your feedback.

You can view the headline institutional results from the Staff Experience Survey 2023 as either:

Publicly available data are included in the University’s annual Equality Report.